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Swim Center

Our swim center is the first of its kind in the area. We offer conditioning swims, fun swims, and swims that involve stretching, relaxing the muscles, and water massage.

Our pool is in-ground, 4 ft deep, heated, and enclosed for year-round use.


The Benefits of Water...

Warm water and swimming has been proven to loosen joints, relax muscles, and reduce stress, pain and anxiety. It is used as a healing agent and increases the body's range of motion. Swimming is a superb low-impact exercise and an excellent cardiac exercise. Geriatric, arthritic, overweight and handicapped dogs benefit from swimming as they can be free to move their bodies differently than on land. Swimming is an excellent activity to get a post-surgical dog back into shape and work atrophied muscles and limbs.





$25 for 30 minutes ($5 for each additional family dog)

Your dog must be able to enter and exit the pool without assistance. A staff member must be available to monitor your dogs first self swim.




$35 for 30 minutes
If you are not comfortable introducing your dog to the water, or your dog needs assistance, you can schedule a time with our trainer, Paula Patton, who will handle the introduction and provide private swimming lessons. This is recommended for geriatric, obese, light surgery recovery and conditioning dogs or dogs just learning to swim.

How Do I Begin a Swim Program With My Dog?

For dogs that are swimming because of medical reasons (geriatric, surgical, obese and handicap cases) you will need a veterinary consent form and instructions from your vet before the swim.

If your dog has just had surgery, your dogs veterinarian must clear your dog for exercise.







Invite up to seven of your dog's friends and bring them to the Lodge for a 1.5 hour splash party. We will provide a birthday cake and a present for the birthday dog as well as party favors for all guests.


Meet Finley - Our longest jumper. Fin lives for the pool and starts barking a soon as his parents pull into the parking lot.


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